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Apiko Media is a video production company founded by two professionals, Theodora Mavropoulos and  Raphael Kominis, with more than a decade of working experience in international media.

Whether it is TV, radio, or newspaper we can deliver the story in English German, French and Greek. From Breaking news to features, the Greek financial crisis to the refugee crisis, we have been filming, recording audio and writing long and short stories that explained what was happening.

Our versatile structure allows us to cover any story anywhere in Europe or beyond. We speak, German, English, French and Greek.

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About our name

Απίκο - Apiko:

Greek nautical term that comes from the Italian a picco and is denoting the condition in which the ship's anchor is brought out of position, hanged, ready to drop (to be lowered it into the water), e.g. "I have the left anchor apiko".

Metaphorically it indicates readiness, alertness, e.g. "whenever you need him/her, he/she is apiko".

Who we are and what we do

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